Unlike the style used in my tattoos, black and white, the “Free Drawing” has a more pop connotation.

By changing the supports, such as canvases and recycled materials, (no longer leather), the approach can be traced back to the graffiti culture and pop art graphics, with the consequent use of bright colors and iconic figures.

The subjects can often be traced back to television series, films and revisited iconic works of art.

In general, this type of drawing has a totally free creative process and is purely linked to a moment or an intuition.

These works of mine are made with spray, ecoline, watercolors or acrylic ink markers.

Depending on the support or materials used, the style may vary. The surface on which you draw is fundamental.
On the skin, in fact, I definitely prefer fine lines and the use of black and white, because the healing process and all the typical complications of the dermis must be considered.

On supports other than leather, however, the artist‘s approach changes; I too feel much more freedom in expressing myself.
On this page you will find examples of some of my works created in recent years.


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